about my work

I am a visual artist living and working in London.

Much of my work concerns how we relate to one another as we make our way through the world. Some of the images hint at a potential narrative, while remaining open to the viewer’s own interpretation. Underlying it all is my interest in human psychology and perception in particular: how we register, construct and re-invent our world with a mix of what is out there and what is remembered, desired or feared.

I am currently developing work inspired by the concept of liminality and the threshold – those moments in which we are suspended between one place, time or state of mind and another.

My work has been described as being akin to ‘snapshots from dreams’ and the figures which feature in them as ‘characters waiting to be given their lines.’ I imagine this must be something to do with my previous career as a drama producer and script editor. I enjoy the moment during an exhibition when the viewer interprets the image, bringing themselves to the exchange. At some point, someone will say something like '‘I have a vague idea about what might be going on. But I’m not sure, it might just be me.’ However, I do make occasional forays into abstraction as form and colour are important elements in my work.

I work in a range of media: painting, screen print, monoprint and digital printmaking. I often work in two or more of these media, going back and forth as the work evolves. I find that the fluidity and layering of this way of working is a good fit with the ideas I am developing.

My work is in private and institutional collections in the UK and internationally. In 2015, I was awarded the St Cuthbert’s Mill Award for a work on paper at The Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, 2015. In 2017 my screenprint PLAY will be acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London as part of a box set of work by the UK Printmakers Council.